Today is my wordpressaversary
And I couldn’t think of one word to say.
“Thank you; it’s an honor…”
Humbling and appreciative  albeit, cliche.
Today is my wordpressaversary
And I had nothing…I wanted to post.

An inkling grew because,
People have been asking me,

“Are you in a pain? Are you miserable?”

Writing is such a stress, being an artist is too.
You can never truly know exactly what piece of yours, what work introduces them to you.
Today is my wordpressaversary,
And I think I have written of romance, of family, of nature, of loneliness…
The mercuriality of love, and of sex.
I am celebrating my telling of secrets, My heartbreak,
The mistrust
And the tears I cry,
To strangers reading with care, and acquaintances that have the time.
Today is my wordpressaversary,
I do hope you many hundreds, that follow have liked what you have seen.
Today is my one year wordpressaversary,
share if you wish, for more to read.