I am better than a racist
I am better than a thief
I am better than a murderer, a tyrannical dictator that refuses to share with his people peace.
I would like to believe I am bigger than anyone that thinks little of me.
Why are we all so frightened to say it,
I do know sometimes things are better shown.
But I thought it best to write this down, because in this opinion
I know I am not alone.
I am better than a man who beats his woman,
his fatuous and deleterious strategy placing fear in her, so she stays.
I am not equal to any woman or man that has to play the victim, because it’s the only way they’ll win.
I am not the man who’ll mention the color of skin…
I am happier than those who request my presences amongst their misery.
I sometimes feel I sit adjacent, even higher than those who look down on me.
We spend a time on Earth, growing more civil, fighting to be equal.
When natures way, proves that we are not.
There is always an alpha and he or she commands the lesser
There is always a being,
and more mediocre.
I am greater than a man who has sold his soul to the wicked seeking fortune.
I am more stalwart and eloquent, than a figure, slight who acts as a boor.
Would the world loath me so, if I were to say:
I am better than some,
I am equal frequently
And I am,
I am less than plenty.