I was sent the link to a youtube video this morning. The Video was a recording of a girl, a toddler and her father having a conversation about her future romantic life. Boys, men, dating, marriage, love (love may seem out of place there for many Americans) ect… He asked her, this girl who I assume couldn’t be more than four years of age: what she is now- she answered, princess. And when she grows up, what will she be- she answered, a Queen. He continued on to ask, what kind of man will you marry and how should he treat her and the answers were essentially the same. Very charming video to say the least, a pretty little caramel skinned girl with puffy pigtail and pied ribbons in her hair. She just makes you smile! But, here comes my issue with what her father(albeit loving and seemingly present), Disney, Mattel toys and the many other medias are filling and potentially closing this young child’s mind with. Phantasmagoria, but more simply, fantasy. I am always reticent about a girl(s) being told that they’re princesses and queens. I am no ones father, but I’ve lived in this world for quite some time and the difference between the attitude (toward men, love, career, image, and sex) and behavior of women who grow up with a consistent positive male figure in their life versus those who do not, well…it’s quite easily divisible. And I believe that statement wraps that section or my rant up finely. No fathers and many mothers do not waste time telling their sons that they are any thing but men. So why do many of us think/feel juvenescent girls, ladies, women need fantasy lands created for them?
Is it another candy-coated form of oppression? Does it give women(those who believe) a false sense of entitlement, does it cause men anxiety that they’ll never be revered in any woman’s or their wife’s eyes the way Aladdin or any prince that immediately comes to mind are? What would the panacea here be? We obviously aren’t going to rid our bookshelves filled with the great works crafted by, the Bros. Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen and those alike, in some ridiculous Fahrenheit 451 situation. Because bottom line, they are phenomenal tellings of one mans, that is one mans fantasy. A way to escape the real-world, but not to be mistaken for it. Because more often than not the life of a duchess, a princess, a queen, it’s the exact opposite of what’s shown to us on television.
Women are important, women are capable, women are beautiful, women are only what can continue life. And it should not take a man to tell a woman that. Because the majority of men aren’t seeking the same approval from them.