What happens to us as we grow old?
We become bitter and gray.
Somewhat conducive members of a society:
Working, 9 until past 5 day-after-day.
The stories of a tooth fairy no longer thrill us, or make us smile.
We act as though we’re all too logical to believe it was her placing that dollar under the pillow now.
What happens to us?
Do we give up?
Feeling the only reason we’re awake is to pay bills due yesterday.
When I grow up,
I want to remain a child.
My heart full of hope and not another soul could let me down.
I only want to eat ice cream
And only shop in stores filled with candy.
When I grow up,
I will not know doubt.
I will have one million friends and every night…
A sleepover at my house!
When I grow up,
I will never understand death
Or know of poverty, regret, guilt or shame.
And something tells me growing up…
My utopia will change.
When I grow up: Wait… I ask,
”Do I have too, can I just stay right here…or go back?”
The answer is always, Yes.
And what a disharmony that is.
There is so much I would give just to have another day in a naive mind like a kid, with my Batman lunchbox and crimson from the fruit punch lips!
Some day’s I’d like to cross my arms and have a tantrum, have a fit!
Screaming at the top of my lungs: “Growing up, I don’t want to do this!”