His heart pounds so heavily when she touches him, in the way a boy who wants to feel like a man needs to be.
They play together, although alone in her parents bedroom.
He kisses the plump lips that assist the framing of her beautiful face.
Then the set below her waist.
His breath is quite warm.
Her body tightens
She looses grip.
His mouth…
A tongue.
At his age, he should only use to speak has stolen her control.
She belts out a satisfying moan.
Her heart pounds heavily.
How he makes this girl feel like a woman when they are together
And alone.
Play it safe in a locked bedroom before his parents come home.
He does enjoy her kisses, but rather she not waste them on the lips that exist within the frame of his face.
She’s gone beyond his belt,
Her breath is quite warm.
Now his body, weakens.
His skin, flushed.
Her mouth, her tongue…
Together creating pleasures.
The boy couldn’t begin to describe.
She’s stolen his control.
He has exhaled,
And let out a gentle sigh.
She will now swallow his creation.
Two individuals who believe that they are still virgins are left quite satisfied.