Men, we can be such boors at times.
We want so badly, a mind that is obsequious.
One that will obey.
We want a standing body that will allow us to fuck, at any moment with no question.
And we still reserve the right to fuck, although committed, any other body we choose.
Men, we can be such boors at times.
But, hasn’t the world given us that right?
Oh, women.
So naive, too many times.

“If I let the wandering soldier fuck me. He will hold my soul in his arms until the end of his time.”

Women, you beg for the wrong men to love you.
And there is not one story told that stated crying over the love man confessed he would not give to you had ever come close to changing a man’s mind.

Stop looking for your prince standing in the gelid forest as you braid your long hair by the windowpane.
Stop looking for princesses that will hold their tongues after you have betrayed her during the night with another one you found more fair.

Women have been so naive through time, pointlessly wishing and hoping the men who chose them will walk an even path along side them in life.

We men have been boors through time, claiming what ever it is we want.

Hurting the creatures nature has blessed with the burden of being the only vessels for human life.
It is our unwritten right.