Pillow cases do grow tried of our tears over mistaken love falling into them.
Tissues in the hands of the broken hearted wish to take a break.
Each one of us thinks we are that special soul that will warm another’s like no other could.
Looking forward to the end and predicting destiny when we have not gotten the meaning of today understood.
Friends ears do grow tired of listening to the screams of another over their misplaced heavy emotions.
While there are many lovers who grow weak and weary, but few decide it be best if they take a mature break.
Telling you that I would have loved you with my last breath is cliche, nonetheless, it was true.
As was telling myself, I would never get as close to another as I had gotten to you.
Pillow cases do grow tired of our tears.
Many of them cried after realizing we’re replacements in the cycle of someone’s revolving door.
Some loving moments will be remembered although most unfortunately forgotten.
Too many of us dream to be that everything in someone else’s eyes, and we are depressingly the same individuals that hold little value of ourselves in our own.
Pillow cases do grow tired, every night someone hurting, tear at them a little more.
And in the hands of so many of their own devices broken hearted hold tissues that wish to take a break, but it’s something we rather ignore.