Who can hold their own heart from shaking, when it’s been ruptured by a love taken in vain.
I can recall with no hesitation each task given to me,
Some quite arduous and others done with ease.
My youthful imagination thought I had definitely won you when they had all been completed.
But, the reality of the situation provided us an unhappy ending.
Never mind who hurt more…
Has my arrogance about the knowledge I held of the human condition betrayed me,
Or was it that I tried to predict something that I just could not?
I was quite sure that you loved me in the way that I had loved you,
But your answer to the question posed during the darkest hours of the night was something that would cause me to believe in God and then pray to him that I would forget.
Who can hold their own heart together as it is breaking?
Who could scream without disturbing their neighbor?
What living creature on this planet has felt the keen sting of love and not then seen this planet with different eyes?
Who is here to watch me dry my tears as I cry?
I can recall with no hesitation each task I completed.
And you…
Completely ignored.
All our imaginings and stories of the future,
But I was not a pivotal character in yours.
I laud the new morning for the possibility it brings.
I loath the new morning because I cannot go back to yesterday and change things to meet my needs.
I have unknowingly watched my heart shake during an earthquake.
And I have depressingly watched that same heart fall somewhere near the ground
And break.