I quite enjoyed reading the article pasted below. But I think that the author was only speaking to the new age Muslim men and women community. When I write “new age” I mean: A lot Of Muslims have moved from the old way of, “marry who the hell your father says you will marry.” To I’ll go out and find my own real love, a special love. Not really understanding that it is difficult for people (religious and nonreligious) to find that “real special love” period. The author talked about his friend’s rant about Muslims finding love and how he has unknowingly felt the same at points. Perhaps not realizing many of your friends, close friends are your same age so it’s not so far fetched that many of your complaints about life are similar or exactly the same. And during our already very bemusing teens to twenties- finding love, being in a relationship whether it’s stable, dysfunctional or being single are some of the major issues we face. I know I use quotations a lot when I talk of love and I don’t want anyone thinking I am anti it. But I do think love is something that people should not look for. I think love (no matter the kind) will find you when it sees fit. Love is something women and men can not control and far too many try to regardless of the way it hurts them and anyone else. Nevertheless it was a great article that made many valid points, points I can appreciate.