He says that he does not understand my poetry, still he enjoys it when I read.
He knows not one lyric to my songs although he smiles when I sing.
I do not know what feeling are brewing.
And I would be a boor to break his heart.
For my emotions are troubled in the moment and I do not know what I want.
I do intensely enjoy the pleasure of his company, and to most that is quite enough.
And I know excuses hold trace value, but I was shattered…
In fact broken into two once.
He’s spoken to me of his fears, what he expects from life and the treasures he’s looking to find in another’s heart.
I listen plainly, and begin to paint pictures with the words his soul creates.
He’s said he does not understand my poetry, yet I remain flattered that he prefers to him I read.
He knows none of the lyrics to my favorite songs.
But, I enjoy his smile when I am asked to sing.