Two young children are running without a destination through the meadows behind their homes. Laughing and each looking at the other rather than with caution ahead of themselves. So, before one could warn the other they both had fallen into a gathering of bushes.
Somewhat bemused from the tumble- the boy is the first to rise of the two. What chivalry he displayed as he was more concern with his companion, a young girl’s well being. He checked her for scraps and scars before himself. Although before he could finish the task he started on her, she began her search of the same on him. The young girl was not bleeding or bruised but, she could not report the same for her boy. He was cut, although he was not hurting, because before he could realize this, the girl had placed soft kisses on each of his shallow wounds.

The boy stands and he gave her his hand to help her up, but she pulled him back down and he falls gently on top of her. Anyone could see the boy was embarrassed based on the smirk that formed across his mouth, before he asked her what it is she was doing?
“I do not know, but you have my permission to touch where I have only seen your eyes, clandestine look before now.”

Was the girl’s coquettish retort.

The boy is so nervous, he is frozen still. She understands she has captured him off guard with her advisement. She tries to assist him, kissing him, then she opens her legs. She grabs his hand tightly, with the intention of leading it toward places no others, but hers have been. The boy’s skin is flushed and sweat beads across his brow. He is quite hesitant over the choice of roads to take. His girl is so comely, and he at this point can barely keep a thought treading firmly on his mind. As their skin touches the others, they feel a pull as strong as the oceans do when obeying the moon’s direction. And they do believe they see God’s reflection as they look into the other’s eyes.

The girl wants to give him what she believes all boys wants- her body in hopes that he will keep her heart. And a piece of the boy wants to accept her offering, as he looked down at her he saw the glow of purity that he had so fallen in love with and was not yet ready to see go.
The boy lays kisses on her forehead, so they may reach her mind, he moved on to place kisses on her lips, the gates to her soul. Finally, a kiss on her chest, a place closest to her heart. No farther could the boy have gone and I create a sensible metaphor.

So, the boy then removes himself from atop her and sits beside her in the pile of leaves, leaving her in a position, still awaiting his physical affection. He then pulls her up, starring at her for one moment more, watching tears flood her eyes.

She feels that she has been rejected, before knowing her boy had something germane to say.

He told her that he did desire her as much as she did him but, it would be best if the two wait, for they we’re both just young children.