One day, sometime ago during a very cold winter. A man sat beside his window and while he looked out, past the snow and wind that carried it. He saw a man, cold, walking and clutching himself. “What a fool!” He thought. “Why would a man choose to trek through such a mess. I doubt that he can see and I am sure he slips every few steps?” The man looking through the window thought he should go out and offer the man a place to rest and keep warm. But, as he readied himself to face the cold, he paused for moment, and, looked at the run down shack he calls his home. And feared that the man would take one look at the place and choose to continue walking. The man, after heavy pondering decided to go out after him. “Hey, you!” He yelled. “Why are you fighting through this storm? Please come inside, sit by the fire to stay warm.” The man replied, “Thank you! What a selfless act, you leaving your cozy home to help a blind man find his way.” “Blind…” he says to himself. Then he says aloud, “Who would set a blind man out alone in this?” “I was attempting to return home after my work day, but the weather to some surprise had drastically changed. I Usually walk two blocks and turn a corner… times 3. But I fell and was all turned around due to the ice under my feet.” Explained the blind man. “Thank goodness that’s all over and I am now here. And I will share my home with you for the night to rest.” And as he carefully guided the blind man back to his home he began to say what with the slightest shake in his voice. “I am sorry that you’re blind because I would have liked for you to see my beautiful abode. It is grand and has many rooms, rooms full furniture and painting, even rooms I do not use!” The Blind man then replies; “How wonderful for you, to have a such a nice home as you say, but I cannot see. So I am solely interested in the warmth soon to come by the fireplace.”