We spend the days getting older, and that appears to the basis of it all. Moving through life, learning, but never actually understanding, thinking, thinking of our past, our present and possible future until a point where our thoughts become more a burden than a strategy for a successful life.
Growing up is quite arduous enough without our parents and other adults filling our not fully developed minds with their beliefs and roles they feel we’re cut out to play. Tempting us to make decisions in our youth that we honestly would not yet face for possibly 10 to 15 years: Your education, where are you going to receive it, what career path will you take, who will you be marring and where will you and the new family you have live…
Figurative questions, although literal examples of what everyone of us is vexed with.
And the repercussion for the children that are more flummoxed over life or simply rebel against the norm are those I need not mention, for we are all well aware of the unfortunate eschewing and overslaugh for those children who are steadfast on their path or those who are straight-laced and settle for the path that’s safest.
Although we all have hopes, and our own thoughts of what heaven on Earth is. There are individuals that build their own heaven and there are those that rent to own someone else’s.
I am not here to tell you that one side is happier than the other, because more than once I’ve heard,
“Success is happiness, not money or fame…”
Although that statement has it’s flaws. Because I seldom see a destitute man smile when he’s starving, and there are a plethora of celebrities that talk about broken hearts and minutes laters their chasing the tiger. Perhaps expectation is the bad guy here, the constant voice that whispers: more, you need more…
Who can answer that question?
Life is fragile, hope is fickle, and love is sporadic. The only constant is change. Some change we can prepare ourselves for, but most are unexpected just be sure the decisions you make, long thought or capricious be decisions you can without regret live with.