Only sweet dreams tonight, only sweet dreams.
About a love and a his lover,
A most comely woman in many eyes.
Only sweet dreams tonight,
He will only dream sweet.
Warm moon light gingerly cascades over the meadow.
While they hold one another’s body,
Basking into heavens eyes.
Only sweet dream tonight.
Gentle, tangible dreams.
Both are gleefully chained to others heart.
A heat takes him over,
Her skin is so supple,
Her flesh in his hands shiver
For they are acceptably rough.
A kind of rough that causes a woman’s body to paralyze.
Only sweet dreams tonight.
No dream before his had ever been more enthralling.
A powerful love together,
While the indigo sky blanketed their honest bodies on the bed of grass where they make it.
He was inside her as if he were her ribs.
Her legs were clasped so comfortably ’round him as though she were his skin.
A felicity so vivid, he tries not to wake.
But the sunlight came creeping in, gently placing kisses on his face.