A pen in my hand,
And a million thoughts race through my head.
As I am thinking of you.
These are things that are commonly said.
Laying in bed, dreaming of you, Wishing I’d never wake again…
Things that are commonly said.
I’d swim an ocean just to meet you,
I’d go out hunting just to feed you.
These are things that have been said.
I’d be your light through the darkness if you traveled by ship.
My home would be the hospital where you’d lay if you were to become sick.
If you had amnesia, I could tell you who you are;
a kind soul,
Who is wise and with nothing more than a look, others you’ve charmed.
With an amazing smile and even more beautiful heart!
If you were to see me write this, I’d ask you to look away.
I wouldn’t want you to see me weak
Because I’ve given you all my strength
All these things you’ve read are common, (sighing) I know.
But the emotions that have driven me to write this are original.