Attempting to write in line with the classics.
The seasoned and well versed generals that did this in a time before mine.
Rhyming frequently unused words:
My goal is to set a soul on fire,
Creating complex melodies that could return the long dead to life.
I attempt to write in line with the generals of poetry.
But I’m so unsure if I have the imagination necessary to be just a solider standing amongst the army.
Diamonds have never labored as arduously as my generals, you or I have.
Yet diamonds remain ever glorified for lethargy.
I have attempted to write in line with the classics
At times I do feel guilty for stepping outside of them and writing my own hymns.
I attempt to write in the lines of the classics
I try and write well,
Write only what I know.
I Reviewed and have been reviewed
And I do this consistently
I’ve written what I’ve seen when I’ve been drinking,
And I have edited when I was sober enough.
Mottos the greatest of the generals have shared with me.