The Earth was made for lovers
For a damsel, and hopeless man.
For sighing, and gentle whispering
And the unity made with meeting hands.
All things do go on courting
On earth, in sea and air.
God has made nothing single
But thee and his world for us, so fair!

The bride, and then the husband.

Two, who became one.
Adam and Eve, were the original  consorts…
Same as the moon and the sun.
Life does prove the fact of happiness, but it must obey the sadness of death.
The dichotomy of promises that are and aren’t kept.
While the high do seek the low
And the strong seek the weak,
Though none can find greatness
For God is too grand for man’s eye too see.
The bee does court the flower
The flower remains excited to receive
And in time they’ll make merry wedding
Whose guests are the million leaves.