The moon alighted itself with my bedroom window,
Shining it’s light down on me.
So serene and much the opposite of the sun.
The moon is my friend
And I have no fear of it blinding me while admiring it for too long.
The moon has alighted itself with my bedroom window,
Controlling my dreams as it would a tide.
It’s poured images of a lover and and our laughing children into my mind.
The moon is quite the stable companion.
Without fail, it casts a refulgent light upon Earth’s nocturnal creatures and myself.
Thankfully the moon sits aside my bedroom window
Forging shadows along my walls.
So that through the night I never worry that I here, lay alone.
The moon has told me
That I am welcomed to cuddle with it’s light.
Until the Earth found it time to bless me with a lover, just mine.