Darkness covers every inch of the room I sit alone in now.
And all I have brought with me
Are my thoughts
Robert Frost
And an half empty glass.
Vertigo compels me after enjoying the bittersweet flavor of the liquid I have poured into the glass.
Thoughts are running wild as horses.
This is the usual
And the opposite of a short time it will last.
Robert, thank you for being there to settle my mercurial emotions.
As my eyes see the words you had to say
And as I hold you in my hands.
You and I alone in this room
It is quite dark.
And the walls are all very close together
A little something I require
So I may examine the keen echo of a ponderously beating heart.
My glass is far from full,
But I can not stand to pour myself another.
My thoughts are fleeting flies
Appearing at any moment to catch my undivided attention,
They are too quick to catch.
Robert is with me in this dark room
And the things he’s saying that my eyes are seeing isn’t far enough from the end.
But, if my eyes do not close to dream, it’s Robert Frost’s Blueberries they’ll admire again.