A mosquito alighted himself on the back of a Wild boar. The mosquito, not here to cause an ounce of trouble, he only came to rest, after the many hours spent drinking. The Wild boar just as swift and steady in his routine, pattering through quite the humid range. For a time he played until he tired and then found mud, where he took the time necessary to cool down. The mosquito seemed un-bothered by the Wild boars antics-in fact, only jubilation he expressed, to be carried a great deal of the way home on the Wild boar’s back! Now out of the mud and cooled off the Wild boar again began to patter about, scavenging for foods and drinking water to take home to his piglets and sow.

The mosquito, now awaken from a very short rest, he began to think:

​”It is getting very late… yes, even for two crepuscular creatures. Why hasn’t he started us home yet?”

The wild boar was feeling board and he had already fed his family. He thought it best to go for a farther walk, perhaps see something exciting. The mosquito on his back, still too heavy to fly,

​ “Is he not afraid of those that prey on him, the tiger and the pack of hounds man sends? What a brave chubby breast.” He thinks.

The boar is not so worried, because he knows with his tusks he has gored many hounds and a tiger to death before. It is now even later and the mosquito has prepared himself to go.

He whispered into the ear of the Wild boar saying,

​ “My friend, excuse me I’d like to thank you for carrying me so close to home, it was a kind thing to-do. But I must be going now, for you have taken a different path although both yours and my home is back the other way. So good-bye for now though I am sure you’d prefer me to stay, but please understand, I am not abandoning you it’s just the hour has grown so late.”

The Wild boar looks up and quite phlegmatic was this he replied,

​”Oh, hi there little creature. Don’t be mad at yourself… I truly did not notice when you arrived, so with your departure I am fine.”