An incredible instrument,
An instrument much admired, One that is seldom used,
But one I am steadfast hoping
It’s an instrument I’ll never loose.
An affinity for words and how to place them on paper commissively
The ability to sing, and sing well.
Are gifts, something some men and women are simply lucky enough to be born with.
Neither is a degree you earn or a promotion at work you have worked toward
So I would be remised if I didn’t ask myself:
What could possibly make me any different?
Life at no point is obligated to give what we hope for or expect.
Another among many truths I wished my pragmatic thoughts could abandon.
Why have I ever dreamt of fame and fans that follow it to fall upon my lap?
A name in lights and the next 15 minutes seem the longest in life.
The main attraction belting your once only written words at the foot of a stage, but at some point the crowd has to leave.
And quite the box you must fit in and I depressingly don’t think a box for exceptions will placed next to the gimmicky one for me.
Let’s face it
The voice doesn’t really matter if the lyrics are relatable, sexy or impactful placed along a beautiful or these days more likely catchy tune.
And everyone becomes a poet when they are either in love or their heart is broken in two.