I am running out of clever things to write…
About the deceitful man whose agenda is to have me lay naked in the bed of the bedroom of their home at night.
I have come to close to having little or nothing to say, circumventing the inevitable, well what is inevitable cannot be changed.
It beings with amiable conversation, then someone asked the other out for a date. The offer is accepted, then later they meet. For dinner and perhaps a walk. Things are going well and the evening winding down. The bolder of the two invites the companion back to his abode to indulge in stiff drinks and heavy conversation. The companion so full of trepidation they arrive at the bold ones home. Walking in, the companion rushes to the bath, for a moment alone. While in the bath, the companion hears glasses clinging, the drinks are being readied. So the companion must prepare himself too. One more glance in the mirror reminding him, he most respect himself. Out the companion comes. The bold one on the couch, patiently awaits his companion to sit beside him, because physical closeness can be relaxing in someway. Sitting alighting to one another. They both take a sip of their drink. More conversation begins, after an embarrassing laugh falls from the month of the bold one’s companion. Sensing he was nervous and the timing was right..he wraps his arms around his companion pulling him close and calming him down. The two lock eyes, then meet lips for a time. The bold one respectfully reaches for places that are covered by his companion’s chastity. The bold one tries and tries, but his efforts grow no gardens. The companion again in the inevitably uncomfortable position, having to be the one to say “No.” They both sit in silence for a time before the bold one sighed ponderously then asked his companion to go…
I am running low on clever things to say about men whose only goal is to get their way.
I have come too close to giving the bold ones what they have wanted.
And do other fatuous things like, hold my breath.
But, I have long realized my heart is not what they are looking for when they are looking into my eye’s.