Talk to me about an experience where you’ve felt emotionally connected to a friend.
Were you two immersed in a cathartic dialog, perhaps you kissed or held hands?
Talk to me about an experience that caused you and a close friend to fall apart.
Did you two no longer find it easy to see eye-to-eye or do you see that friend steadily claiming a leader and you loath them for not carrying you with them, but leaving you behind?
Have you experienced a friendship where the conversation seems to remain on a shallow track. You can laugh without a problem, but the moment someone begins to cry, they’ll have to “call you right back?”
Talk to me about an experience that was such a jeremiad for the heart. Perhaps your pal called you judgmental and it made them uncomfortable speaking candidly with you to start.
Tell me of an experience where everyone walked away happy. Feeling a friend could trust you, and there was a mutual respect held by both of you. They can be heard without an ounce of judgement cast down and the same for you. And you can tell your friend every reason why you love them without holding back.
Can anyone tell me that?