There is a man who works many hours.
And one day to much surprise he had no more work todo. A thought has crossed his mind, what could he do this night to relax and pass the time? People have said that he is good-looking, he left his work to sit alone in a downtown bar. Ten minutes pass before a woman approaches him, they speak for a moment then she molests his arm.
He offers to buy her a drink, she could have whatever she wants.
She orders a double of something..that he couldn’t fully hear, the conversation becoming fugacious she asked, “You want to get out of here?” He stands up gracefully, feet steady below his knees. She stands up and falls down, men’s eyes do cover this pretty woman, though in a different way by now. He turns around to help her up, and asked the bartender to fetch her a cab. She slurring and says to him, “There is no way you can drive home either…” Then he replies, “Shots of Coca-Cola is all I’ve had.”