There is a quiet forest, and within it lived an insidious fox. This fox would hunt the birds while they nest and learned to ambush the fish as they swam to the surface of the water to catch their breath. The fox sadly lived alone, because they aren’t so good in packs, may have something to do with a foxes constant rapacious acts. 

One day the fox ambled about, hunting for whatever it could find. But there was something in the distance..a wolf had caught its eye. It was larger than the fox, it had great paws, ears and teeth. The fox feeling threatened ran away in the opposite direction. The wolf watched the fox as it ran away, thinking to itself the fox must be afraid. 

The fox lives in a hole and the wolf in a cave, never having a reason to meet face-to-face. But, any time their paths were juxtaposed the fox would run away. The wolf and its feeling began to hurt. The question as to why the fox circumvents the wolf burned in its mind. The wolf one day, just out for a stroll, not hunting or looking for trouble. Then the wolf saw the fox and thought it should ask that question! The wolf crouched low to the ground so the fox couldn’t see. The wolf’s ambush would be covert and timed precisely. The fox spots the wolf, but hasn’t any time to get away.The wolf corners the fox, the fox’s freight carries it close to death.

The wolf then asked,

“Why do you run from me, what have I done to you?”

The fox replies,

“Though I have never met you, I am afraid of what you could do. I’ve seen you hunt, and hunt you do well. You are much bigger than me, so it would be futile to fight. So please, just please devour me quickly.”

The wolf stood shocked and in reply its says,

“I have not come to kill you, I only had my question. Fox I have seen you hunt and you are quite good, capturing the mice on the ground and even birds in flight. And you are afraid of me? Fox, you are a hunter..the same as I.”

Familiarity Breeds contempt…